Live Jazz on your party or event


Pictures of JazzSounds


Live jazz during diner

JazzSounds speelt swingende jazz tijdens uw dinerDuring a dinner at the "Governement" in Maastricht, Johan de Haan together with singer Nancy Deusings making appropriate background music.




Johan de Haan

Johan de Haan op toetsen

Johan de Haan is pianist, singer and founder of both JazzSounds and BBThree.


Nancy Deusings

Een optreden van JazzSounds met Nancy Deusings

Our line-up can be expanded with  a female singer for instance with Nancy Deusings.



Een optreden van JazzSounds in de openlucht tijdens een huwelijksdiner

JazzSounds can play everywhere and can even perform in the open air.

Here as a trio with bass, drums and keyboards / vocals



JazzSounds speelt nummers van Michael Bublé op us feestFor booking a live jazz band for your party, please contact Johan de Haan (+31 64 86 946 11) to discuss your wishes.

Johan de Haan will work out a quote so you know exactly what you can expect at your party including the costs.

After the acceptance of the quotation you can enjoy swinging live music at your party.